Web analytics

What is web analytic ? what are its interest, its goal ?

When we speak about web analytics, we speak about tools which analyse audience of websites. They are tools wich measure the amount of websites visits by users. That allowes to understand, control and optimize visits of users.

Web analytics also analyse what page is the most visited and also how long timepeoplestayon pagesandmanyothersdata. For example, there are two kinds of calculation : visits and unic visitors. Simple visits mean that if people come on website more than one time, they appear several times instead of unic visitors who appear just one time. That don’t give the same result and it’s really crucial for administrators.

So, it’s important to ask some several questions about visitors, and answer it thank’s to analytic tools :

 - Who are they (geographical origin, technical data, etc.)?

 - What are they doing on my site (course, actions)?

- Where do they come from (research, means of access)?

- How can I call them and group them relative to analysis?

- When they leave my site and what pages?

For example, you can measure the impact of social network or publicity on your website. For a more commercial aspect, for companies business strategy, what pages push more consumers to buy things on websites.

 Web analytics Tools :

-Woorank is a french ( and free once a week per domain name ) web analytics, it provides data that helps understanding the strengths and the weaknesses of your website. For continued use, more detailed you can take the commercial version.

-Alexa is free, thanks to that you can see your influence on the internet, it can show you also the most frequent online requests on the search engines to visit your website and the competitors’ keywords. Moreover it can provide the demographic présentation of your visitors.

-Compete web analytics providing very usefull information on your advertiser performance and recommandations to improve its landing page but also your statistics compared with your competitors. You can start with a free acount or for continued use, more detailed, you can take the commercial version.

-Piwik is not an online tool but a software that you can download as free on you computer. It provides detailed reports on your visitors : Keywords, most popular pages… in real-time. It may also do tracking for e-shop, advertising campaigns or mailing.

-CrazyEgg helps you understand what your visitors do on your website and product heatmap (for free) to show you, on a screenshot of your site, where they look the most, where they clik. Its identifies the most profitable spaces.

-Google Analytics is one of the most popular free online web analytic tools. It can insert codes in every pages of your website. With those codes Google has thousands of statistics on what happens on your website, in real time. It’s an essential service for every website.

With WordPress you can access to a summary of your Google analytics directly on your Dashboard .

-Adobe Analytics allows you to benefit of a global view of your business by transforming all the client’s interactions and offline data in usable informations. Reports and marketing analysis of hoc analyses are are available in your dashbord . Thanks to this solution, market leadership, you have a right of a better understanding of your costumer’s journey in its entirety. From 100 000 to 500 000 dollars ( a price based on call servers which cost decreases accordind to the volume).

-AT Internet is designed to steer in real time your operational performance on internet, social networks, applications, intranet…Its offers all the essential functions for Advanced analyse of your audience but also job moduls : emarket, campaign analysis, performance monitoring, vidéo tracking… . From 25 000 to 250 000 dollars ( a price based on call servers which cost decreases accordind to the volume) .