What is exactly customer management?

The management of customer relationship is the set of tools and techniques for capturing, processing, analyzing information on customers and prospects in order to retain them by providing the best service.

The point is to do the best for satisfy client or prospect. In customer relationship the most important is to listen client, had best advice for him. This is marketing to developed relation with his clients, to win their confidence.

We must to know the customers and their specific needs for satisfy them. The history of our shopping, our favorite ways of communication, his favorite payment methods, interests and favorite services … All this information are strictly necessary to development of relationships in long term. Information mentioned above is usually dispersed in information systems and companies usually group in a customer database.

Regarding computer applications, these software packages that allow to deal directly with the customer, in terms of sales, marketing or service, and is often grouped under the term ” front-office “, this in contrast to the tools of ” back office ” that are integrated resource planning.