Social networks customer management

Brands invade social networks like twitter or Facebook with a new kind of funny community manager and it works.
The social Networks are really attractive and it’s a new way to interact with the customer directly with a low budget. Some brands decided to hire people who doesn’t come from the world of the publicity but from the world of social media.
It’s usually someone who has already his own account with a good amount of followers and writes amusing posts about everything.
They are hired for rejuvenating the image of the brand, making it more likable for the customer additionally to a classic customer help.
They are usually divided in two categories:
  • The customer service: It works like a phone customer service but the answer keeps the same tone as the customers. It’s more casual. Brands like Bouygues Telecom, LDLC, Alloresto, Credit Agricole use this new way of communicate with its customers.
  • The Sale Reps: It communicate about the actually by including the brand. It can be a joke or a photo montage, sometimes a contest or just by talking with another band. The brand appears more reachable and young without paying a expensive add campaign. Pizza Hut, Curly, Xbox use this new kind of marketing

Aimy lelux