Managing customer relationship aims to create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between a company and its customers. The company must make every effort to retain customers and to offer them the best quality service . A quality he wouldn’t find anywhere else. The RCMP has enjoyed great popularity in the late 1990s and businesses offering tools for the implementation of this concept has grown exponentially . There were in 2006 in France and Quebec nearly 200 CRM software packages available for small businesses or large enterprises. RC software tools typically decline around three axes of the company’s business : marketing, sales and customer service. GRC solution providers usually offer independent modules, all based on the same database. Segmentation is one of the CRM issues. It categorizes its clients to offer them products and services tailored to their needs according to their age, social class cioprofessionnelle but also their loyalty and profitability. The main goal of CRM is to improve the relationship with customers by playing on two levers :

Customer satisfaction

Capitalization of knowledge on customers


Alice Corosine