Picture marketing as a way to influence your clients

NYC fashion week picture marketing on snapchat

Picture marketing  is a young way to communicate for the brands on the differents social networks .
Promotionals campains are extend to social network by a picture in relation with the rest of the campain.

This type of communication had been encourage by a new type of social network based only on picture like :
tumblr, pinterest, and instagram, snapchat.
According to a report pubicated by track social, a picture generates likes 4 time faster Than others types of posts.
On this type of  social networks the commitent is particulary traduces by the interactions between the users and commitent is on the best

Users can use Likes and reblog for tumblr, likes and comments for pinterest and repins for pinterest.

Using this type of communication can be help to recruit new fans and increase the communication
for free by the fact that they share the pictures to their friends, discuss about it etc…

As an artistic director, i think that this type of communication can be a good way to communicate for little brands with low budgets .

Lelux Aimy.