Apps and social recommandation

Download the app Fitt, a social recommandation app


Since few years, thanks to the democratization of the smart phones and by the way, the apps, the recommendation social start to invest the field of apps. In fact, some developers get the idea of sharing through our phones what we are doing and where instantly.

This is the concept of the Fabien Bouchard’s app named Deapz. In fact, with this, you can share pictures of the place where you are, whether if you are on a restaurant, a museum, or just in front of a beautiful landscape. Thanks to this app, people recommended some good place through the world and users could find good ideas to visit some different places. There is also another kind of recommendation of apps which is appeared since few time. In fact, you can buy apps where you can share you mind on different products. This is the concept of Fitt, an app in which you can share some shopping ideas to your followers.

So, why this kind of apps meet a real success like that? We could suppose that is because it’s a real source of tips, in relation with our centre of interest or our hobbies. We could say also that consumers trust, nowadays, more easily the promotion of a product, a place or an activity when it’s other people like us who is sharing their mind than the professionals of advertising and marketing.

But, we cannot forget that these kinds of apps don’t only accrue to the users. In fact, there is also a real source of good or bad advertising for the things which is recommended on. Moreover, this kind of advertising is totally free for the different brands and gives to them a new type of promotion.

To conclude, we can say the social recommendation comes to us with lots of new technologies and permit to the consumers to have the opportunity to share their mind without the influence of the advertising.

That’s why our team is able to and proposes to work on and find concepts or ideas to create and develop some apps based on the social recommendation.

Esther Morinaux