Have good Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is an approach to managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize salesmarketingcustomer service, and technical support.

To have good CRM, you have to :

-       Be patient ! Every customers are different and you may find some really limited or tiresome.

-       Be attentive ! They have their own ideas for everything, so you have to perfectly understand what they want to advice them !

-       Have good communication skills to be perfectly able to be understood by them and convince your customer !

-       Have good knowledge of what are you sending ! Clearly, you cannot be efficace if you don’t know about what you are talking.

-       Be able to read and perfectly understand the requirement of you customer.

-       Be flexible because you needs to be here for you costumers, whatever happens.

There is other skills that you have to manage, but there are the most important one !



What is exactly customer management?

The management of customer relationship is the set of tools and techniques for capturing, processing, analyzing information on customers and prospects in order to retain them by providing the best service.

The point is to do the best for satisfy client or prospect. In customer relationship the most important is to listen client, had best advice for him. This is marketing to developed relation with his clients, to win their confidence.

We must to know the customers and their specific needs for satisfy them. The history of our shopping, our favorite ways of communication, his favorite payment methods, interests and favorite services … All this information are strictly necessary to development of relationships in long term. Information mentioned above is usually dispersed in information systems and companies usually group in a customer database.

Regarding computer applications, these software packages that allow to deal directly with the customer, in terms of sales, marketing or service, and is often grouped under the term ” front-office “, this in contrast to the tools of ” back office ” that are integrated resource planning.


Social networks customer management

Brands invade social networks like twitter or Facebook with a new kind of funny community manager and it works.
The social Networks are really attractive and it’s a new way to interact with the customer directly with a low budget. Some brands decided to hire people who doesn’t come from the world of the publicity but from the world of social media.
It’s usually someone who has already his own account with a good amount of followers and writes amusing posts about everything.
They are hired for rejuvenating the image of the brand, making it more likable for the customer additionally to a classic customer help.
They are usually divided in two categories:
  • The customer service: It works like a phone customer service but the answer keeps the same tone as the customers. It’s more casual. Brands like Bouygues Telecom, LDLC, Alloresto, Credit Agricole use this new way of communicate with its customers.
  • The Sale Reps: It communicate about the actually by including the brand. It can be a joke or a photo montage, sometimes a contest or just by talking with another band. The brand appears more reachable and young without paying a expensive add campaign. Pizza Hut, Curly, Xbox use this new kind of marketing

Aimy lelux


Managing customer relationship aims to create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between a company and its customers. The company must make every effort to retain customers and to offer them the best quality service . A quality he wouldn’t find anywhere else. The RCMP has enjoyed great popularity in the late 1990s and businesses offering tools for the implementation of this concept has grown exponentially . There were in 2006 in France and Quebec nearly 200 CRM software packages available for small businesses or large enterprises. RC software tools typically decline around three axes of the company’s business : marketing, sales and customer service. GRC solution providers usually offer independent modules, all based on the same database. Segmentation is one of the CRM issues. It categorizes its clients to offer them products and services tailored to their needs according to their age, social class cioprofessionnelle but also their loyalty and profitability. The main goal of CRM is to improve the relationship with customers by playing on two levers :

Customer satisfaction

Capitalization of knowledge on customers


Alice Corosine

The rise of youtubers

In a previous article ,
we talked about the importance of blogs for a brand. Indeed , blogs have become true prescribers for any brand wishing to have a presence on the Internet.

However, youtubers became even more influential blogs . Is it because it is easier to get an opinion by watching a video than reading an article ? The striking difference between these two modes of communication is especially silver .
Very few youtubers accept partnerships with brands without getting paid. Some youtubers as EnjoyPhoenix have more than 1 million subscribers. Can you imagine what it means for a brand to have its product in one of her videos? Especially that subscribers are loyal and want to do everything as their favorite youtuber


Alice Corosine

Get social recommendation through your writings


Social recommendation means when a content is recommended on the social network, It’s a kind of word of mouth. It helps to know that a product , a society, a service or a brand is acclaimed, to guide us in our choices. It’s an essential component of the web 2.0.

There by it’s important for the society to optimized their web redaction for the search engine but it have to be considered as the purpose of your project. As the copywriter it’s essential to  favor the quality of your writing in order to give a real personnality to your site. There are a lot of websites which promote keywork beside their writing to have better visibility. Don’t forget that you’re writing for humans, so the words are important. The search engine optimisation must be done at the end.

Moreover, the social networks amplified the notion of social recommandation, in this way the web drafting have to impress. For your writing to be recommended it has to draw attention and appeal to emotion, to affect internauts. Good recommendations bring a better reputation.

However, you may remember that the title of your text shouldn’t be too long because some social networks limit their publication at 140 prints.

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The Top 25 articles (based on the number of times an article is recommended) CoolTool website.



Picture marketing as a way to influence your clients

NYC fashion week picture marketing on snapchat

Picture marketing  is a young way to communicate for the brands on the differents social networks .
Promotionals campains are extend to social network by a picture in relation with the rest of the campain.

This type of communication had been encourage by a new type of social network based only on picture like :
tumblr, pinterest, and instagram, snapchat.
According to a report pubicated by track social, a picture generates likes 4 time faster Than others types of posts.
On this type of  social networks the commitent is particulary traduces by the interactions between the users and commitent is on the best

Users can use Likes and reblog for tumblr, likes and comments for pinterest and repins for pinterest.

Using this type of communication can be help to recruit new fans and increase the communication
for free by the fact that they share the pictures to their friends, discuss about it etc…

As an artistic director, i think that this type of communication can be a good way to communicate for little brands with low budgets .

Lelux Aimy.